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Bianco Diamond Certificate and Guarantee

Bianco = "Best of the Best"

This Bianco diamond is ready to be mounted as a ring or pendant. Bianco® is a trademark that many consider to be synonymous with "the best of the best." Bianco-Diamonds® are not to be confused with a Zircon, with Moissanite by Charles Colvard, simulated Moissanite, simulated Cubic Zirconia or a Crystal. Bianco-Creation-Gemstones® and Bianco-Diamonds® are unique man-made, hand-cut, creations that have been hand selected for their beauty, comparable to the finest geologically mined gemstones. Bianco stones have extraordinary properties - specific gravity between 5.6 and 6.0 (1.6 times that of an uncut diamond), a high refractive index at 2.15–2.18, a dispersion of 0.058–0.066 using the same grading scale as a geological carbon diamond. White diamonds fall within a color chart of colorless A-C, near colorless-F, faint yellow G-N up to "SZ" which is yellow. This stone, if graded using a geological diamond grading system, would be classified as VVSI-E, virtually flawless. At your request, your gem comes with a certificate of authenticity and lifetime guarantee from breaking or chipping. Bianco-Creation-Gemstones® have been purchased, for over three decades by the sophisticated, elite, and celebrity buyers. Before you buy, learn more about Bianco gemstones at:

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