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Benefits of Becoming a Connoisseur Elite Member



No more standing in line to pay your invoice or having to keep track of which invoices are due to whom - set and forget with us!

Direct Sales

Direct Purchase Opportunities

Whether it's something you have seen passed at auction and want to make an offer or something you want to Buy Now out of our catalogs, you get first dibs!



Tired of dealing with third-party shippers who don't know or care about your purchased rare-items? We are too. We prepare and pack in-house for best results and usually use USPS to insure and ship your prized possessions.


A bit about our shipping process

Picker Services

Premium Picker Services

If you are looking for something in particular and don't see it in our auctions or catalogs, let us know. We use some of the world's finest pickers and can source pretty much anything for you. Just check out our historical sales!

Promotional Offers

Promotional Offers

Everyone likes a good deal, right? So by being an Elite Customer with us, you are among the first to know of our special deals, discount codes, and promotions - this is particularly appealing to dealers who shop with us!

Priority Customer Support

Priority Customer Support

We work hard to support all of our customers but give timely preference to our Elite Customers simply because you have been the most loyal and we wish to return that loyalty to you!

Joining the club is free. We simply require you to fill out our credit card authorization form so that we can autobill you for any purchases you make with Connoisseur whether via auction or otherwise. This saves both you and us time in processing transactions so that we can both better focus on what matters most - procuring the world's finest merchandise