First let me thank you for your interest in our company and how you might participate in our profitable venture. 

Simply put, we buy rare items - that are in high demand - from liquidating estates. We purchase these tangible assets far below their actual value and sell them through our live auction network profitably and quickly- holding auctions weekly.

The profits we earn are substantial therefore your ROI is high. You own the assets being sold so your balance sheet shows a combination of cash and inventory at all times. Profits are split monthly or quarterly at your discretion.

In order to purchase these estate heirlooms, at the same rate that we are able to  buy and sell them, we were faced with two options: 1) to bring tens-of-millions of dollars into the company to make these purchases by selling stock or 2) by sharing profits with those who expect very high returns while knowing their money is 100% secured. We elected to the later for reasons that we’ll explain in our initial phone conversation.

How can be buy estate heirlooms and collection so far below market value? Who is our team of experts that do all of our purchasing? Exactly what type of return can you expect? These are only a few of the cores of questions you must have at this time and these and all of your questions will be answered. We are well-known in the industry, having been a unique leader for nearly five decades. You will be impressed with our credentials. Let’s establish a convenient time to talk, I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.