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Income Streams

Advertising Sales, will be a perpetual source of income for both the Connoisseur Catalog & Connoisseur Elite. Ad revenue builds on itself. Companies will compare the number of visits their site receives with their cost and results, and realize there is no place they can reach more of the demographic audience they want, more effectively or economically, than with our online catalog(s).  The more response they receive, the more space they want, the more sophisticated presentations they will create to keep viewers on their site and the more often they will advertise.  Transformation from two-dimensional thinking to virtually endless three-dimensional presentations is where the future is going for online advertisers supporting their brand and dealer networks - something we'll be offering our advertisers today. Online Advertising in our two catalogs, easily one of our largest income sources with exceptional mark-ups. 

Remember, Connoisseur Catalog and Connoisseur Elite are targeting to completely different audiences, therefore two different advertisers.  The first reaches the affluent retail buyer, collector, investor; advertisers who want to reach this audience is clearly defined.  The second reaches dealers/purveyors who become subscribers to Connoisseur Elite in order to quickly and easily buy high-quality inventory items to resell in their own establishment(s), eliminating the need for extensive travel, going to trade-shows where find themselves just buying from other dealers and rarely finding something new or great to sell.  Connoisseur Elite opens the door for a brand-new and simple way for dealers to buy not good, but great items with ease. Advertisers wanting to reach the hundreds of thousands of Antique and Collectible dealers quickly, economically and efficiently now have a unique venue to accomplish that mission while the dealer's make a daily habit of seeing what's been sold and what is available. This gives the advertiser exposure not once or twice as in a periodical but daily if not many times a day. 

Sales Commissions: Not an unfamiliar income stream for those in the auction business, but something well-received and important in our business mode. The company earns a commission on everything it sells, whether through the online Connoisseur Catalog, Connoisseur Auction(s) or Connoisseur Elite.  The consignor who utilizes our three-step marketing program pays nothing for their initial listing and reasonable fees, at their discretion,  for additional "pages", video's and other enhancements we offer.  When items sell, we earn a low 15% commission on what is sold, whether the item is an inexpensive collectible, a fabulous piece or art, or the luxury items we include, that others don't, ranging from mega-yachts to private jets.  While the commission we earn is relative low, the volume of items we sell because of our ever-changing catalogs and daily auctions, all reaching a global audience, is extraordinarily high.  After all, how many catalogs are updated the second items sell and new items are added or, better yet how many auctions are held daily? 

Buyers' Premiums: Both online catalogs and, of course our daily online auctions earn a 18% buyers' premium on all sales. That commission rate is far below the market average, but a hefty return understanding that we are generating income every single day.  

Our plan calls for a low overhead, high volume, no receivable business that attracts new customers while retaining those who have made buying from us a habit.

Selling Company Owned inventory: Many times sellers find themselves in a position where they simply have to sell and can't wait long enough to sell through "brick and mortar" auctions. Whether because of personal financial issues, death, divorce, an unexpected move or the dissolution of an estate, timing and the need for money now, is often far more important than trying to get top dollar for their heirlooms. In these cases, we are one of the only options and can help. 

Having global appraisers to appraise, professional buyers to negotiate and the cash to buy great heirlooms at a fraction of their true market value, we have the answer by purchasing items immediately, then within weeks, if not days, after acquisition offering the items we've bought, selling them through our catalogs, our live auctions, even to dealers seeing unsold items in Connoisseur Elite. Regardless of where we sell will add another 15% net to our bottom line. 

Appraisal Fees: The low or no charge appraisals we offer will bring in enough income to pay for our appraisals.  The true value in appraising comes not from the fees but the introduction of new items to Connoisseur for consignment or purchase.  

Mailing List Sales: In addition to reaching some of the most affluent international buyers that exist, we will offer our consignors the ability to reach even more buyers, collectors and investors whose interests are focused on exactly what our consignors have to sell. This addition target marketing comes at a cost. Not a high cost, but worthwhile, not just for the profits it generates selling the lists, but moreover the money we make, due to increased sales. 

Subscription Income: The Connoisseur Catalog will not become a subscription based publication, however Connoisseur Elite is. This catalog, offering items that haven't sold through our other venues, are offered for sale, at our consignors' lowest client's (reserve) price. This dealers-only catalog offers people in the trade the unique ability to buy a mammoth amount of the rarest items money can but at the lowest possible price. Dealers around the world, for the first time can buy low and sell high without leaving their establishment. This remarkable buying breakthrough for dealers is priceless at a cost of less than $25.00 per month.  

Note: Whether an item sells through Connoisseur Catalog, our Auctions, or eve at the lowest possible price through Connoisseur Elite, our company earns its normal commission, buyers' premiums and advertising revenue. Plus, auto-renewal subscription income year after year. 

Packing, Shipping and Insurance: Acting as our customers' Concierge we pack, insure, ship items purchased regardless of which venue items are purchased from. And, we make a profit on these service while saving our customers money. We mark-up our labor, packaging and freight cost 20% while receive an insurance commission or rebate of 30%. 

Finance Participation:  There are special finance companies now offering non-recourse paper to dealers selling everything from classic cars to yachts, jets to estates. When large purchases can be closed but only if financing was available, we will offer the financing package earning service 30% or more of the finance charge from the lender.

Card Carrying Members:   Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards will print and supply Credit Cards with our name and logo for our customers.  Consignors can use this special membership card for the payment of commissions, packing and shipping of return items,  and advertising their items before the auctions for additional exposure.  Bidders can conveniently use their on file membership card to pay for purchases, buyer's premiums,packaging and shipping cutting while the Company earns 1.5% to 2% from the CC companies on all items charged.  Those rebate prcentages alone represent a strong profit center.

What it is all about:  Offering every convenience to passionate buyers as they purchase rarities from our Connoisseur Catalogs and/or our Connoisseur Galleries or live Connoisseur Auctions. Making our presentation and buying experience as mesmerizing as the investment quality items being offered. To become and remain "the only place" serious buyers go knowing their buying experience will be enjoyable and handled professionally from beginning to end.  



When an inventory item becomes a part of the Connoisseur Collection, whether consigned to or purchased by the company for resale, the new inventory embarks on a unique and productive journey.

Newly acquired items are inspected, appraised, photographed, videoed and accurately described; the items are entered into the company's inventory control system and tracked from the date of purchase until the day the item is sold.

Acquisitions join tens, soon to be hundreds-of-thousands of items, always growing exponentially, as they flow smoothly into the Connoisseur Catalog, where they are offered at retail prices to our most affluent clientele.  Those items that do not sell after two weeks exposure, move seamlessly into the next daily Connoisseur Auction. Here, the starting bid is above the sellers' reserve and the low high estimate is established with the high being the former price the item was offered for in the catalog. 

Each and every item is listed within an appropriate category, easily found using a voice command or by simply typing in a brief description in Search.

Customers will not be turning two-dimensional pages, as they would with a printed publication. Each item is given all the space it needs in the extraordinary online catalog to insure exposure and a sale.  Browsing through the catalog is captivating, habit forming even addictive.  Take the Rolls Royce above as an example: not only will the car enthusiast enjoy countless professional pictures of the motorcar, they will be able to listen to it's engine purr or for that matter, utilizing video, take this classic on a test drive, down a country road, with its seller. The ways that items can be presented are as endless as the imagination of the consignor who receives the help he needs for an assistant from our creative team.  

There is one-thing, however that a potential buyer simply can not do!  They can't procrastinate about making a purchase.  Items sell quickly from the catalog and if an item has not sold within two weeks, it moves from Connoisseur Catalog into a totally new sales environment - our equally impressive Connoisseur Auction. Here aggressive bidders compete for a prize and while the onlooker might possibly have bought the item for less in the catalog, they get another chance.  This motorcar is being introduced to a new world-wide market of auction attendees who are known for bidding and setting world-record prices.


Where do inventory items go that don't sell at full retail through Connoisseur Catalog and then do not meet the starting bid through our Connoisseur Auctions? 

For centuries dealers in antiquities have traveled far and wide to buy quality antiques for their inventory. The go to events, trade shows, to other dealers' establishments and hopefully are able to buy from a liquidating estate sometime during their lifetime.  What dealer hasn't said, "I can sell all of the great items I can find, finding great items is the hard-part of a antique dealer's business.

Connoisseur Elite, is a subscription based online catalog for dealers only. It was designed to solve this age-old problem.  Now members of this elite group of dealers will be able to "arm-chair" shop for the very finest rarities available on the market AND at the lowest price their owners have agreed to sell their treasures for.  The Connoisseur Elite catalog will use the same great professional photography and videos, provenance and descriptions - everything to make buying easy for international dealers. Now, with a click of the mouse, they can buy and have their purchased delivered to their door. 

The $45.00 monthly charge, for a password allowing admittance to Connoisseur Elite, opens a vault filled with of thousands upon thousands of estate items. The small fee is a pittance compared to the services an elite members receive. The lowest possible prices on the inventory alone, make the catalog priceless, then the fact that new items are added 24/7 gives dealers a steady flow of inventory to select from. When special request for certain items are made by a client, a dealer will rarely have to say "I'm sorry, I had one but it sold". Their answer now would more likely be:  "let me check the warehouse".  In essence, the Elite catalog is a  "warehouse" where every member of this elite group of buyers can shop and likely find what their client's want. It's like expanding their inventory a thousand times.


After two-weeks exposure in Sotheby's Connoisseur Catalog, unsold items have moved into the Auction arena where they are listed and promoted for two weeks prior to the auction itself. The various auction platforms that will broadcast the auction, invite their pre-qualified attendees just as we invite our regular buyers. Pre-bids are taken during the two week-period leading up to the sale.  Our "starting bid" is always 20% over the reserve, with the low and high estimate published based on what like items have brought at prior auctions.

When one of our auctions goes live, it has been advertised heavily to the appropriate audiences utilizing paid advertising, free press, featured editorials, bartered promotions while at the same time using social media to invite millions of new bidders to the auction.  

Held by a live auctioneer, on video, 500-1000 unique items will be offered weekly, eventually daily as consignments and company-owned inventory grows.


Where do great consignments come from, then when consigned - where do they go. The Company has the answer, one that has multi-faceted solutions with extraordinary income producing results - The Connoisseur Gallery. Other than the first or second, which are company owned, the Galleries are licensed operations in that each is owned by an individual, entity, trust or company that turn the management of the gallery over to us. The licensee supplies the $650,000 necessary to open a gallery and we, as the managing partner and majority owner does the rest. The relationship between the investor partners with our company, as the majority owner/manager is quite strong. The investor enjoys security, pride of ownership and ROI like nothing they've experienced while the Company weaves each gallery into its business model, solving problems while earning money in so many different ways. Our gallery is filled with inventory purchased by the money-partner along with quality inventory consigned to the gallery by locals. Unlike other galleries that depend on walk-in traffic alone, our galleries are unique. Every item in a gallery is offered to those coming in to browse but everything in the gallery, at the same time is being offered to buyers around the world. Each piece of company owned inventory is offered for sale through our Connoisseur Catalog until sold in the gallery or live online.

Many astute leaders say that there are only three times to expand! When a Company has so great a success they must duplicate their profit centers. When they realize that the model they have been using just might need an infusion of new ideas and while leaving the mother-ship alone, and test the new ideas under a separate entity.  Or, when a business concept comes along that is so good, ties in so well, that if the concepts were incorporated together, the end results would increase sales and profits to unimaginable levels. 

All consignment items are displayed and offered for sale in the gallery and is also marketed first - through Connoisseur Catalog, then Connoisseur Auction(s)  and finally through Connoisseur Elite,  just as any item consigned to the Company would do. 

Connoisseur Auctions Licensee's

Many astute leaders say that there are only three times to expand! When a Company has so great a success they must duplicate their profit centers. When they realize that the model they have been using just might need an infusion of new ideas and while leaving the mother-ship alone, and test the new ideas under a separate entity.  Or, when a business concept comes along that is so good, ties in so well, that if the concepts were incorporated together, the end results would increase sales and profits to unimaginable levels. 

All consignment items are displayed and offered for sale in the gallery and is also marketed first - through Connoisseur Catalog, then Connoisseur Auction(s)  and finally through Connoisseur Elite,  just as any item consigned to the Company would do. 

Your company has operations in several important global markets. I'm not suggesting expansion at this point by opening new markets immediately, although I see that on the horizon. I'm suggesting expanding from within, refining the new marketing strategies then being prepared to buy and/or license other Auction Houses duplicating our success. I would not suggest duplicating the all-encompassing company as it is today. I would focus on acquiring "special interest auction houses" and using their consignments to build categories in the Connoisseur Catalog. As an example, I would acquire majority interest in Antique Arms and Armor auction companies, like James Julia, Rock Island, Cowans/Little Johns and Poulans to name a few. In developing a Connoisseur Catalog category on Southern Antiques.  New Orleans and Neal Auctions (both in New Orleans), would be my target. There are specialty auctions in almost every category one can imagine and once "our plan" is working at 1/10th is capability, when incorporated into the special interest auction houses purchased, their income will soar enough to pay for their acquisition. Many of the auctions I mentioned and many other appropriate candidates not mentioned have one thing in common. The owners are of retirement age. The will sell majority interest for cash and stock, stay on for a while to protect their continued interest and relax for the first time in their career. I know them. What value to they have? Their name, reputation, client base, employees and a stong presense that only gets better carrying, along side theirs, your Company's name. What value will they have when their inventory is live, online in Connoisseur Catalogs (their international preview party, so to speak, where they can act now and buy) prior to weekly online auctions still having large audience present, four to six Grand Auctions. What value? Priceless in so many different ways, one of the greatest attributes being able to acquire entrepreneur experts who know how to build a company, keep consignors and buyers happy for decades and those who are at an age they want and need to be a part of a much larger organization where they can perform, leave something to their families other than a valuable entity the family has no interest in.

Connoisseur Investors, LLC

A group of investors who "pool" their money into a limited liability Corporation, operated like a partnership, for the purpose of buying rarities below market value and selling them for the highest possible price. A large portion of the funds are buy to sell, not buy to hold for appreciation in that buy to sell produces far more income than buy for appreciation. There will be inventory for both. Because the funds pooled allow those funding the pool to participate in everything that sells, depending on their percentage of ownership of the pool, then having some items bought for immediate profits, growth, profit share with others being held for appreciate prior to being sold is good for all unit holders. The key to making a profit whether buying to sell or buying to hold, is buying low and selling high. Buying low takes a group of rare individuals who do exist world-wide. They know more than trained appraisers and have the unique ability to find wonderful rarities in many categories with the negotiating ability to buy immediately below true market value and turn the inventory quickly, particularly on live and live-internet auctions as explained in the multi-faceted plan that the Connoisseur Collection business plan is all about.  

Fortunately, the Connoisseur business model comes with those experts. Some major dealers, others owners of major special interest auction houses, all of a mature age always interested in using their decades of experience to make unlimited income, based on performance and own and build the value of stock in a public company.  The structure for a pool is as diversified as the items being purchased should be. What I mean by that is that one will often times it is better to own 100 of the rarest antique Winchesters in the world (say engraved Henry's) that cost $10 million than one painting that cost $10 million.  I've seen many examples where cornering the market on "Winchesters, as an example" and holding them for a year until the market soars due to scarcity allows them to double in price over a 12 month period, selling each individually during that time at record prices. 100 items that thousands of Winchester Collectors can afford and will pay the goina rate for compared to a few wealthy individuals who know what a famous painting sold for a year ago making it hard pressed to double in value. The structure of a pool in place might need to be tweaked as to how money is used for inventory and even how profits are made before dissemination. An example: An item is purcahsed. A 20% "picker's" (not as normally defined) is paid to the locator, negotiator and buyer (with approval). That expert's fee becomes a part of the cost of the item. The item is sold through auction, a predetermined commission is earned by the house, a buyer's fee is earned by the house. The net profit is then split with the pool by the "Company", which in this case would be the management of the "pool". The structure of the "pool" that dictates who the managment is, would determine what percentage of profit goes to the investors and what % of the profit goes to the managment. This allows for cash-flow to both the investors and the managers quarterly while principle remains in the company to replace inventory that has been sold. 

A safe and secure way to earn high-returns! 

Here, we'll explain how you can make extraordinary profits with the Connoisseur.

For 45 years, our company has purchased individual items, as well as entire estates, filled with heirlooms, rarities and appreciating tangibles. Our expert appraisers locate, evaluate and purchase items - far below their true value.

We then utilize our unique marketing tools to sell those items quickly and profitably around the globe to avid collectors/investors who have an insatiable desire to purchase Fine Art, Antiques and Collectibles.

We, as a company, simply buy low and sell high. But, we do it in a way that is destined to make marketing history

We are now making all of our services available to those, like yourself, who want to enjoy high returns while, at the same time making sure their money will be 100% protected, secured and insured.  

If you would enjoy an unparalleled ROI, with exponential growth, you can stop looking. You have found that opportunity.  

Our business model while simple, is quite unique. Its blueprint combines several proven, highly successful models into one. The end result gives our company, therefore individual investors, like yourself, the ability to both benefit from not one but five major income streams while experiencing growth that is destined to make global marketing history. 

First, you need to understand where the company is and where the company is going. We want you to participate conservatively and see for yourself what the company quickly accomplishes while learning how you can take an even greater role in its success.