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"The Very Best the World Has to Offer"



What if you could own not just the mansion above, but all the contents too, including the Bentley in the garage for a fraction of actual cost?

Includes a full retinue of highly trained Staff

Mansion Staff

Beautiful Amenities and furnishings


Horses, Private Gardens, Exotic Pets, Livestock


Now, what if you owned not just one of these Chalets, Villas, Castles, Palaces, Chateaus—but many around the world?

Go ahead, take a virtual tour. It could be one of yours.

Remember, using your mouse or arrows you can look around, up, and down.

Well, We've Been doing exactly that for over 45 Years

We are an established, exclusive investor club and we deal with chalets, fine arts, collector cars, private jets, yachts, and much more

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Robb White, the original founder of the Robb Report and Connoisseur Online, got his start as a kid selling a pair of Colt pistols. He purchased them for a mere $100—and resold for $12,000. He took that money and put it into a Rolls Royce, which he then flipped as well. 

It wasn't long before he was buying and selling more expensive cars, yachts, and even Swiss Chalets. 

With an eye for hidden treasures, Robb has started and run auction houses, galleries, magazines, store chains, bed and breakfasts, and tour industries. He has forged partnerships with some of the world's top pickers, sellers, and collectors.

It’s better to deal with thousands of people who have millions of dollars than millions of people who have thousands of dollars.
— Robb White
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The key in business and investing is to buy low and sell high


Easier said than done, but we have an indisputable track record of doing exactly that for ourselves and our clients & investors. The best business models are multi-faceted and diversified, backed by tangible assets.

Since you are still reading this, we know that you understand business and are looking for growth opportunities—so let us exercise some transparency here and draw back the curtain on how our investment plan works.


The Secret: What We Are Actually Buying

100% Asset Backed Investing

Real Estate

We purchase huge, residential, multi-use properties around the world such as chalets, castles, and chateaus. Why not put money into solidly appreciating assets rather than sink cash into overhead for galleries or warehouses? The advantage to real estate like this is that it appreciates so that your investment is always securely backed.

The World's Best Rarities

Consumable goods, household furniture, and mainstream products and cars depreciate year after year until they become worthless. Real worth lies in antiques, collectibles, fine art, precious metals, priceless gems, and jewelry, which almost universally appreciate in value. Your private mansions around the world serve as physical galleries of the world's best rarities. To maximize your advantage, we list rarities both at your destination resorts as well as in the Connoisseur Online catalogs, as part of the Rob Partners family of sellers, buyers, and collectors.

The World's Finest Services

In addition to serving as galleries for your rare goods, these exquisite international resorts exist as a network of some of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world. Think of each property as your own boutique resort, available for you to visit year-round and let out to rent or sell when you please. Never miss out on an opportunity: we have all the options covered.


if you get the chance to invest with Us, You Get it all

You are buying into the Rob Partner family.

Here are just a few of those ways.

Exquisite Real Estate

Exquisite Properties

Your investment is 100% backed by physical, one-of-a-kind real estate.

Collectible Plate


Appreciating assets displayed at your properties, hand-picked by our best to bring you the most. Available for rent or sale to visitors at the residence and the world online.

Beautiful Vacation Resorts

Beautiful Vacation Resorts

Millions wish they could be where you are. Why not let them for a while? Your staff help your property assets make money for you even when you are not visiting them yourself.

Catalog Advertising

Catalog Sales

Your rarities are listed with the Connoisseur Catalog collections for international shoppers looking for those hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Connoisseur Elite Dealers

Private Dealer Sales

Items that don't appeal to the broader catalog market are then offered to an exclusive dealer audience with niche interests for faster inventory sales.

Membership Registration

Auction Catalogs

Connoisseur Online reaches the world with its auction catalogs, offering up high value items for competitive bidding. See what true market demand is waiting for your priceless collections. We use the best pickers, photographers, and catalogers to make your items stand out from the rest.

Advertising and Appraisals

Advertising & Appraisals

Generate revenue through our team of appraisers and salesmen. Not only do we find priceless items for you and negotiate killer deals in your favor, but we also put our catalogs to work for you selling ad space both in print and online. As part of our investment pool, you benefit even from our estate consignment liquidations—without needing to lift a finger.

Rob Partners Card Carrying Member

Membership Club

We make our investors, collectors, buyers, sellers, pickers, employees, and even contractors feel special by enjoying the many perks of the Rob Partners family. When you do business with Rob Partners, it's the relationships that truly matter & last.

That is what makes us—and now you—special.

Join the brand.


Do You Want In?

— 100% Financially Backed Through Real Estate.
— Appreciating Assets for Catalog Sale.
— Winning Resorts to Visit and Call Your Own While They Make Money for You by Entertaining Others

Now that you know what your investment is guaranteed to make, are you curious to know if you qualify?

Our expansive but carefully selected investor pool works to your advantage: it means that our buy-in point is a fraction of what you might expect. What is more important to us is that you are the right kind of investor, someone who shares our timeless values. Because of this, we like to meet personally with each investor, often at one of our private resorts—a vacation on usto make sure you are a good fit to our family.

Since we make our money on commission, everything we do drives towards one goal—returning a significant ROI for you and our thousands of other partners. We are a close association of the world's best teams working to deliver the world's best rarities from within the world's best properties while being served by the world's best resort staff.

What about you? Do you want to join our pool of the world's best investors?